eBay Bulk Listing Tool: The Quickest Way to List All Your Items
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Many eBay sellers have extensive collections of products and are looking for ways to list them all at once. One easy way is by using the eBay bulk listing tool. This helpful tool is designed for sellers who have hundreds of items to list and want an easy way to save time.

Many benefits come with using this tool, including editing and adding new items in bulk. Sellers just need to select the items and list or edit them all at once. There is no need to list or edit it manually, which gives you plenty of time to do other important work.

In this article, we will discuss the basics of how you can utilize the eBay bulk listing tool to your advantage. We also added some other listing tools that can help you improve your eBay listing and achieve your sales goal faster.

What is eBay Bulk Listing

Bulk listing is when you list all your items at once in order to save time and money.

eBay bulk listing tool is one of the popular methods where sellers can bulk edit and list easily and efficiently. This helpful tool allows eBay sellers to perform multiple actions simultaneously, such as creating multiple listings, relisting, and editing templates.

How to Access eBay Bulk Listing Tool

New eBay sellers often ask one of the most common questions: "How do I bulk list my items?" Fortunately, there are multiple ways to bulk list your products on eBay. The following are seller hub entry points where sellers can access the bulk listing tool:

From the Active Listings Section, sellers can:

  • Edit in batches
  • Create multiple listings
  • Sell similar items
  • Set fixed price to auction

From the Unsold Listing tab, sellers can:

  • Relist in bulk
  • Relist items at a fixed price in batches
  • Sell similar products

From the Scheduled section, sellers can:

  • Edit listings in bulk

From the Inventory tab, sellers can:

  • List old items for sale again
  • Edit templates in bulk

From the Drafts section, sellers can:

  • Create and resume drafts

From the Orders Tab, sellers can:

  • Quickly relist
  • Sell similar products

From the All Selling Section, sellers can:

  • Relist and sell similar items on Orders Module
  • Edit, sell similar, and change to auction on Active Listings Module
  • Relist on Unsold Listings Module

Once the sellers access the bulk edit and listing tool, they can now do the following:

  1. Select the Edit Boxes beside two or more listings. Sellers can also Select all boxes to edit them all.
    • You can also filter the listing you want to edit. Simply go to Search, located at the top of the page, and filter the listings by format, category, or status.
  2. After checking the boxes beside the listings, sellers can now choose any of the following actions:
    • Create multiple listings
    • Edit
    • Add or edit templates
    • Change fixed price to auction
    • Relist
    • Relist products at a fixed price
    • Resume drafts
    • Sell similar items
  3. Sellers who want to view or select more listings at once can click the items per page dropdown located at the bottom part of the page. This will increase the number to a maximum of up to 200 listings.

Sellers can also monitor their bulk listing flow. Simply check the photo thumbnail of your listings then filter it by different fields to determine if it’s volume pricing eligible or promoted-listings eligible.

Benefits of using the eBay Bulk Listing Tool

Besides saving time, eBay bulk listing also provides other benefits to its sellers. Here are some other advantages you can get from using this powerful tool:

  1. Monitor your listing progress and edit up to 2,000 listings using photo thumbnails and table view.
  2. Arranged pricing for several Buy it Now and Auction items in bulk.
  3. Easily manage and check the performance of your volume pricing and promoted listings.
  4. Set your pricing across multiple listings by applying bulk discounts or increases in percentage or fixed dollar amounts.
  5. Quickly schedule product promotions by specifying start times and intervals for multiple listings.

Other eBay Selling Tools

Here are other valuable tools sellers can utilize on eBay and be ahead of their competitors:

  • Seller Hub - This is the central place where you can manage your eBay business efficiently. You can consolidate all your selling tools here with no additional charges. Seller hub also provides you with valuable data and recommendations that can help increase your eBay sales.
  • Selling Manager Tools - Selling Manager Pro features are available to access in the Seller hub for $15.99 per month as an add-on package for starter or basic store subscribers. This feature allows you to create, manage, and monitor bulk listings and other automation features.
  • Selling Templates - This feature allows sellers to create high-quality listings using a template that they can reuse anytime. Selling templates provides consistent information across all your listings that you can easily set, revise, rename, or delete.
  • Promotions Manager - This tool allows sellers to set up special promotions for their eBay stores quickly. These promotions can help you attract more sellers, increase your average order size, drive repeat purchases, and reduce shipping costs by offering bundles in similar categories.
  • Seller Hub Reports - This section provides valuable data and information to help high-volume sellers manage their inventory, monitor listing performance, and achieve sales goals.

List and Sell Everywhere

eBay Bulk listing tool is a great feature that helps sellers save time by allowing them to edit or list hundreds of products at once. Aside from utilizing this eBay feature, sellers can also cross-list across multiple marketplaces to increase exposure and get a higher chance of making a sale.

The catch is– if you are crosslisting, you have to closely monitor it to avoid selling a single item to multiple buyers. Fortunately, there is a platform called OneShop that automatically delists items across multiple marketplaces once you sell, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with multiple buyers on a single item.

OneShop understands how difficult and time-consuming online selling is. This is why our additional in-app features guarantee benefits to all its subscribers. With OneShop, you can access seller performance, track sales, set goals, schedule pick-ups, and communicate with other sellers in our social community.

Sign-up to OneShop and take advantage of its 7-day free trial with no risk involved! Let this excellent automation service be a part of your reselling business and experience how OneShop can free up your time and make your life easier.

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