How to Rank Your Listings on eBay's Best Match
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Many sellers are looking for ways to rank their listings higher on eBay's Best Match algorithm. With the constant competition, it is essential to have a competitive edge. eBay's Best Match is a search engine algorithm that ranks listings at the top of the page, and it's an essential component of your eBay success.

This algorithm will help get your listings in front of a wider audience. It considers what buyers are looking for, how they search for it, and other items that are similar to yours when determining which listing is the best match.

You can use this ranking system to your advantage if you want your listing to be seen by more customers and rank higher. We will go over what eBay's best match ranking is and how it works so you can optimize your listing for the best possible outcome.

How eBay Algorithm Works

eBay's Best Match is a ranking algorithm that determines the order of search engine results for eBay listings. The algorithm uses several factors such as the following:

  • Relevance of keywords (Matches the buyer's search terms)
  • The popularity of the item (Impressions and Sales)
  • Item's pricing
  • High-Quality Images
  • Use of relevant title and rich product description
  • How often it was listed before (the more times it has been listed on eBay, the higher it is ranked)
  • Seller performance level (Including customer service)
  • Return policy and shipping (Including handling time)
  • The number of bids (for auction-type) and when they were placed
  • Ratings left by buyers. (Based on eBay Feedback score)

eBay algorithm is constantly changing from time to time. Sellers need to optimize their eBay listings to increase their chance of being included in the Best Match position.

How to Optimize Listings for eBay Best Match

eBay's Best Match is an algorithm introduced in 2012 to improve the search engine results for buyers. This algorithm aims to provide eBay shoppers a more relevant and satisfying search experience by ranking listings higher on eBay based on their relevance, feedback ratings, and how often they are viewed or purchased.

The way the eBay best match rank works is not completely clear because it can change from time to time. Here are some guidelines that can help you improve your rankings in best match search results.

Listing Title and Description

An accurate and relevant title and product description help connect you to the right customer. Most eBay customers already know what item, brand, size, and color they want. Meaning they will enter these keywords when searching for a product.

To match you in these searches, you must provide eBay with enough information it may need. How the buyer searches for an item also plays a crucial role in being included in the "Best Match" position. Make sure to include the following in your listing title and description.

  • Brand
  • Item name
  • Color
  • Size
  • Condition
  • Style

Since the listing title has a character limit of 80, include other vital details in the description box. Make sure to write your item's description as detailed and accurate as possible. Avoid putting your keywords between phrases that don't make sense, as they can be tagged as keyword spam.

One example of known keyword spam is putting repeated words on your listing title or product description. An eBay listing title like "Elegant Hand Bag Tote Bag Sling bag Classy Women's Bags" won't rank you in the Women's bag category. These are outdated SEO tactics and lead to keyword spam instead of higher discoverability.

Category and Product Catalog

Another factor you should consider is having a correct category and utilizing the eBay product catalog. Other details such as manufacturers, what materials it is made of, style, or era are also important.

Make sure to include ISBNs or UPCs when listing an item. These are unique product identifiers that make your product more visible on eBay. You can find almost every unique code on the eBay product catalog. To do this, simply follow these steps:

  1. Search your product on the eBay catalog
  2. You can use UPC or ISBN code (If you are unfamiliar with it, use simple keywords)
  3. Select the matching catalog entry
  4. Fill up item specific fields
  5. Publish your listing

There are instances where eBay cannot pull product information using ISBN or UPC alone. In this case, the seller must provide relevant information about their product to boost its search ranking.

The seller must write at least 200 words about their listed product. Ensure to include the brand name, color, size, and other necessary information. Remember to check your spelling and punctuation, as these are also important in getting your listing found. Keep in mind that the more information you provide to eBay, the better.

Use of High-Quality Photos

Potential customer are more likely to click on listings with clear photos. Here are some guidelines to be aware of to optimize your listings more.

  • You must include at least three photos in your listing
  • Take pictures of your item at different angles (Back, front, and sides)
  • Ensure the item is evident on the first photo
  • Make sure you have a clean and light background
  • Upload your photos in a very high resolution
  • Avoid using filters or overlay your image with other text

Taking your photos this way helps in making them more presentable. You may check out similar listings and try to match their look and quality. You may use photo editing apps to enhance the quality of your photo, change backgrounds, or remove any unwanted elements on your photos. Just make sure not to overdo your editing or hide any flaws or defects.


There are two ways to price your listed items on eBay. The Fixed price or "Buy it now," or through bidding. If you are already familiar with the retail price of your item, you can put its fixed cost. Otherwise, for limited edition, rare, or highly anticipated releases, you can opt to have it bid.

Pricing your item does not have any significant factor in ranking in the eBay search algorithm. But, it is still one of the factors. Everyone wants fair pricing, and eBay is considering it.

If you price your items lower than your competitors, your product can land on eBay's "lowest price" area. This means that to be promoted on eBay search more, you should offer the lowest prices on the platform. If you can't, there are still many things you can work on to increase your search ranking.

Shipping and Returns

Following eBay's recommendation and best practices in shipping and returns can improve your search ranking. Here are some of the guidelines you need to follow:

  • Shipping

    eBay recommends shipping your items within three days after the customer has placed an order. You can include your shipping and handling terms in your description to set customers' expectations—most of the high-ranking eBay sellers ships their items within two days.

  • Shipping Cost

    Offering free shipping can boost your search rankings. Most buyers would choose sellers providing free shipping or bundles. Some top-sellers already include the shipping cost to the total amount then offer free shipping. You can also offer discounted shipping or let the buyer shoulder the shipping fees and offer other discount alternatives.

  • Restocking Fee

    Restocking fees are fees when a buyer returns the item to the seller. The fees vary and are based on the discretion of the seller and the condition of the received item. Some sellers charge 15% to 25% from the original sale.

    However, eBay recommends a no restocking fee. Especially for returned items dues to damage, defects, or not-as-described. If the seller still wants to charge a restocking fee, they should select a reasonable amount. The seller should also only charge a restocking fee for return items, not in their original condition.

  • Return Policies

    eBay suggests a 30-day return policy. But if you cannot extend your return policy, allow at least two weeks' returns. eBay favors sellers allowing returns for the buyer. It is also one of the significant factors in increasing your discoverability.

As long as you list your items accurately, post clear pictures, and adequately disclose their conditions, the buyers will most likely keep it and buy more from you.

Improve Seller Performance

One of the most significant factors in getting more views and ranking in the best match is improving your overall seller performance.

You must consider the following to improve your seller performance further:

  • eBay feedback score and percentage
  • Seller ratings
  • Seller response time to customer queries and disputes
  • The number of transactions with issues (return requests, negative ratings, longer handling times, late deliveries, etc.)

eBay's feedback scorecard and metrics determine your overall seller's performance. Suppose you perform well and offer excellent customer service, high buyer ratings, high-fulfillment of orders, and fast response to inquiries. Then, you are more likely to be on top of the best match position.

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