Depop Account Suspended: Everything You Should Know to Avoid This
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Reselling on different marketplaces like Depop is a fruitful venture. With the perfect combination of selling strategies and compliance with the platforms' rules, you should be able to generate conversions, earn profits, and can eventually get loyal customers.

Unfortunately, some sellers infringe on the platform's terms and conditions, resulting in temporary or permanent account suspension. When this happens, an email from Depop is sent to the seller informing them about the suspension. But how can you be sure that this won't happen to your Depop account, too?

This article will share how you can steer clear of the violations that can get your Depop account suspended. Read on to find out what you should and should not do to keep your reselling business safe.

Community Guidelines that You Must Follow

Depop's community guidelines are straightforward. To maintain a healthy and positive experience for all users on the platform, all Depop wants is to have all members of its community avoid negativity, respect everyone, and, most importantly, maintain all transactions in-app. Anyone proven to go against these policies is at risk of getting their account suspended, or worse, banned.

Here are some rules that you should follow:

  • Avoid bullying and harassment. Being respectful is one of the most important traits of a seller. Depop's commitment to equality advocates a non-discriminating environment for all users. Any display of misbehavior ( derogatory remarks, bullying, etc) regarding someone’s gender, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability is not tolerated on the platform.
  • Don't engage in any display of violence. An act of violence can come in many forms, and Depop is promoting a zero-tolerance policy for such gestures. This may include threats, hate speech, or even display or support for violence or harm. This clause also includes the encouragement of inflicting self-harm or injury, and any of these are strictly prohibited.
  • Do not list any illegal items. Selling illegal items and other items included in Depop's prohibited items list is not allowed on the platform and will be removed. Any sellers proven to be associated with such activities may face suspension or account or, if committed repeatedly, will be banned from selling on Depop.
  • Steer clear from listing or communicating with explicit content. Depop does not condone any form of sexually explicit behavior. This isn't only limited to offering sexual services but also extends to communicating with any user committing sexual misconduct. In addition, Depop will ban any users proven to promote or distribute sexually explicit or pornographic content.
  • Do not transact outside Depop. Depop encourages all users to transact within the app to protect their transactions. Always ensure that you or your buyer use the in-app Buy button to have a 100% secured transaction on PayPal. Furthermore, asking, making, or accepting payment other than in the app is considered a violation of the Terms of Service; hence can also result in account suspension.
  • Avoid deceiving buyers with fraudulent listings. Selling of counterfeits and listing items to appear authentic is not tolerated on Depop. Also, using stock photos that are not yours, including irrelevant tags and keywords, impersonating, and stealing other sellers' listings are a violation of the platform's guidelines which can get your account in trouble.
  • Avoid spamming. Repeatedly leaving multiple comments on other users' listings or sending a bunch of messages to users to ask them to buy your items can get your account suspended. Remember, it is not wrong to want more sales but being persistent is different from being pushy.

Other reasons that may result in account suspension are as follows:

  • Payments: If there is a failed transaction and you need to reimburse a buyer using your Depop Payments account, but it has a negative balance, Depop will cover the payment first on your behalf. But, note that you must repay the platform with the correct amount. If your debt is not settled when Depop collects it from your linked bank account under the Direct Debit mandate, Depop can suspend or terminate your access to the Service until your debt is settled.
  • Chargebacks: While there are some unavoidable circumstances where chargebacks happen, getting regular chargebacks from you as a Seller may lead to an account investigation which may result in suspension.
  • Pending Disputes: If there are pending disputes that need your response, Depop can suspend your account temporarily. To avoid this situation, ensure that you answer any questions from Depop and provide them with sufficient evidence to prove your integrity.

Note: If you think that your account suspension lacks basis or is a mistake, you can always appeal Depop's decision and contact them here. Note that when you do this, you must be ready to provide any evidence that the platform may ask you to support your case.

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Getting your Depop account suspended is bad for business. Not only does it affect your integrity as a seller, but it can also mean a loss of profits. That is why keeping your account safe and away from getting in trouble should always be your top priority. Remember, having a good track record as a seller in the marketplace of your choice is essential. And so, with enough knowledge that will keep your account from getting suspended, you can focus on doing other things that will help grow your business.

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