Depop Prohibited Items: What not to sell to avoid getting into trouble
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As a dynamic social marketplace, Depop welcomes a wide variety of products and styles onto its platform to cater to different buyer needs and preferences.

Sellers are encouraged to explore the site for inspiration on the kind of items to offer in their Depop shop. You may opt to sell an eclectic selection of styles or to offer a special inventory targeting a niche market. You have the freedom to sell either new or preloved items or only items in specific sizes (e.g., petite, plus sizes) or a whole range of sizes.

Another good thing is that you need not feel pressured to choose a strategy upon setting up shop and stick with it. Depop allows sellers to experiment with what to sell and switch gears as necessary.

What You Can Sell on Depop

Let's start with the categories allowed on this platform. There are three general categories: Womenswear, Menswear, and Jewelry. the first two categories are broad product categories (Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Outerwear, Shoes, and Accessories) and subcategories (e.g., T-shirts, polo shirts, tank tops, jeans, shorts, mini dresses, evening dresses, blazers, bomber jackets, denim jackets, sandals, trainers, heels, purses, watches, belts scarves). Non-apparels such as decorative and collectible items (e.g., home décor, vinyl records, art pieces, cameras) are also allowed.

These items may be from your own closet (brand new with or without tags; used/preloved) or sourced elsewhere (e.g., other people's wardrobes, thrift shops). You can also sell authentic vintage apparel and upcycled goods.

Your listings can be a combination of any of these categories and conditions. Depop is lenient about how broad or narrow you'd like your inventory to be, as long as you don't cross the line and sell prohibited items.

What You Can't Sell on Depop

Before we dive into the exhaustive list of what is forbidden or restricted on this platform, note that Depop has the right to remove listings that they deem harmful, offensive, or inappropriate to sell at any given time - even if the items are not included in the list below.

Depop updates this list from time to time, so it's best to treat the following as a reference only to the kinds of items you should avoid selling. You will notice that there are restricted items whose sale may be allowed if Depop conditions are met.

Some of the categories are lumped together according to the similarities in why they are prohibited or restricted.

Perishable food or edible goods without a clear ingredients list and expiration date. All edible items must be intact and unopened. They should be suitable for consumption with a complete list of safe ingredients, have ample time before the expiration date, and have proof of compliance with the food regulatory board in the countries where the user is residing and where Depop is located.

Technology, gadgets, and electronics. Practically all electronics (including mobile phones and accessories, laptops, TV, smartwatches, TV de-scrambler, and even hair styling tools) are prohibited. What's allowed are only cameras and films, analog or digital wristwatches, and cases and holders for mobile phones and laptops.

Software that is pre-installed, downloadable, counterfeit, and restricted for sale is also not allowed.

Perfumes and cosmetics. Expired, used, and imitation cosmetics and perfumes are not allowed, including those without a list of ingredients and the regulatory board's approval. Only genuine articles (either in full size or sample size) or your handmade versions are allowed as long the list of ingredients is clear, and your products comply with the regulations in Depop's location and your home country.

Drop-shipping. A lot of different items can be drop-shipped nowadays, but Depop only allows items that the sellers themselves designed or printed on demand. This is a safeguard against low-quality mass-produced products and items with copyright infringement.

Items that suggest and promote pornography and nudity. As Depop is a wholesome platform with users in different age brackets, items that show nudity in all degrees and forms are not allowed on site. These also include materials related to certain sexual behaviors and fetishes, such as soiled underwear.

Items that are associated with or encourage violence / instigate hate:

  • All kinds of firearms and weapons, except those that obviously look like toys or are miniature in scale.
  • All shocking and disturbing imagery according to Depop's Graphic and Violent Imagery Policy.
  • All content intending to discriminate against an individual or a group based on certain characteristics, according to Depop's Hate speech and Discriminatory Policy.

Fakes, replicas, and items intended to mislead, fool, or harm other people:

  • Counterfeit and replica stamps, bonds, money (current or collectible bills and coins), and bank documents.
  • Counterfeit and all sorts of imitation of designer, luxury, branded goods with fake logo and unauthorized use of the name. These include manipulated items that combine original parts with fake components.
  • Codes, links, and log-in details that lead to access or download of copyrighted files that the seller does not own (e.g., e-books, online courses, audiobooks) are prohibited, and so are the pirated copies of physical products such as books and vinyl records.
  • Any equipment that someone may use to manufacture counterfeit items is prohibited, as well as lock-picking and locksmithing devices.
  • Second-hand clothing items that were not disclosed as such or were deliberately described as new.

Promotional and digital products:

  • All kinds of tickets for physical or digital events.
  • Gift cards or certificates, vouchers, virtual tokens, digital currencies, and other similar non-material items downloadable upon sale.
  • Any form of an advertisement intended to lure users into a different platform to sell, solicit money, engage in a business opportunity, and other related activities.
  • Raffles and lotteries are not allowed. However, sellers may hold free draws with small prizes at stake as long as the mechanics align with the applicable laws where the seller and Depop are located.

Illegally obtained items, devices, or information involving data privacy breach, misrepresentation, or suspected theft:

  • Credit and debit cards (whether active or not) and active store-issued membership or discount cards are not allowed.
  • Mailing lists, data banks, and any kind of file containing personal information of individuals harvested with or without their consent.
  • Any form of official government documents, licenses, IDs, and official items related to transit and shipping. If you're selling vintage goods, make sure you're not listing items bearing official badges or logos of institutions still existing and active to this day. Historical souvenir items are allowed as long as they don't bear any official emblems.
  • Documents about stocks, security interests, and shares, regardless of whether the seller owned these.
  • Properties stolen from other entities (individuals or public/private institutions) are not allowed, even if the serial number or identifying marks were removed or tampered with.
  • Antiques and archeological artifacts with historical or artistic value that are owned partially or fully by the state or public entities.
  • All kinds of goods from countries on the embargo.

Regulated items and illegal items that are dangerous to one's health and well-being:

  • Alcohol, except for DIY kits for making beer or wine.
  • Tobacco, including cigars, cigarettes (even those that claim to be nicotine-free), filters, rolling machines, e-cigarettes, and its accessories. Only incenses made without illegal drugs are allowed.
  • Drugs and related paraphernalia, which include items that claim to replicate the experience of being under the influence of illegal drugs. Items that someone may use to produce and conceal such drugs are also prohibited.
  • Hazardous items that contain flammable and toxic liquids.
  • All sorts of fireworks and kits for making or implementing one.
  • Items that the regulatory board or manufacturer has recalled for health or safety reasons.
  • All medical products and devices, including contact lenses, weight loss, health supplements, teeth whiteners, and other similar items. Face masks, other than those handmade by the seller, are not allowed. Depop only allows unopened vitamins and come with a clear list of ingredients.
  • Human body parts, human remains, bodily fluids, and waste products. Only wigs and hair extensions made of real human hair are allowed.

Living things and items belonging to nature:

  • Live animals and animal parts (e.g., fur, ivory, horns) derived from live or dead endangered and threatened species listed on this site. Items made of or accented with real fur and animal skin are allowed as long as they are not from endangered or threatened species.
  • Preserved animals through taxidermy or other means involving toxic materials are not allowed, as well as devices and items meant to trap and control insects and pests.
  • Seeds and plants that are prohibited or restricted. It may be challenging to determine what is allowed for selling and shipping, so it's best to avoid selling any kinds of these.

Lots and properties. Any form of real estate for sale, rental, or licensing is not allowed.

Services. Listings without actual products involved but rather pertain to services (e.g., home catering, consultation sessions) will be removed. Services involving the rental of clothes are also not allowed.

As a responsible Depop seller, you are expected to refrain from selling anything on the list below. You can also help the community by reporting listings that contain prohibited items.

The consequences of selling prohibited items on Depop

If you're unsure about a particular item, reach out to the Depop support team instead of taking the risk. Repeated offenses may result in account suspension, hurting your seller's reputation and ultimately jeopardizing your sales.

If the prohibited item you have listed gets sold and something happens while in transit, you will not be covered by Depop Seller Protection. As such, you won't be eligible for any claims and chargebacks.

Selling safely and profitably

Being a seller entails a lot of careful consideration - not only what items to list but also what not to sell. Rules may vary per platform, so if you also sell on other marketplaces, you need to be acquainted with their respective list of prohibited items.

Selling on two or more marketplaces may mean multiple sets of rules to follow, but you'll eventually get used to it, and the advantages make it all worthwhile. You get to increase the exposure of your items and expand your reach.

While you might think selling on two or more marketplaces is confusing and involves a lot of work, that's not necessarily the case if you automate it. OneShop can help you easily cross-list to other marketplaces by allowing you to import your existing listings and then cross-list them to other marketplaces with minimal effort.

Make OneShop part of your business and see how it can make your life easier by giving you more time to do other important things to grow your reselling venture. Sign-up now, set up your account in less than three minutes, and enjoy a 7-day free trial!

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