Selling On Depop? 9 Effective Tips for Listing on Depop
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Selling on online marketplaces like Depop can be part-time work for some. After all, selling on the internet is proven to be convenient. But even it is only a sideline to you, you can always take it seriously to earn more. Simply posting photos and stating what kind of item you are offering are not enough. Potential buyers tend to flock to attractive listings, especially when they have great descriptions, are written under the right category, and have effective keywords. We have listed down effective ways to describe your item's listing and be one of the top sellers on Depop.

  1. Always have the brand name in the title.
  2. Consumers, especially the majority of the young generation, are brand conscious. Apart from looking for clothes or items that fancy their eyes, the next thing they look at and ask for is the brand of a particular item.

    We all know that branded items are not only appealing but are also considered quality items. As they have gone through thorough design and manufacturing processes, they don't easily get damaged. This is why many consider designers as priced items—it's no surprise they usually cost more.

    It is best to include the brand name of your items and even show the logo in the photo to have an edge in your offerings. This proves the authenticity of your items as potential buyers often can detect fake branded products as well.

  3. Do not spam irrelevant hashtags.
  4. When you scroll through the Depop website, you will notice some Depop sellers tend to crowd their listings with keywords and hashtags. These two are helpful for buyers in narrowing down their search for the products they want. However, if you overdo it to the point that you place keywords irrelevant to your item, potential buyers would feel cheated or lied to and would therefore be discouraged to make a purchase. For instance, you should not place hashtags like #poloshirt or #shirt when you are selling a floral-print blouse for women.

  5. Do use effective and popular hashtags in the description.
  6. As previously mentioned, using hashtags surely increase your chances of selling your products. Buyers nowadays search for products using these words. An effective way to incorporate this into your listings is to use the relevant keywords. Make sure that popular hashtags are still closely related to your item, correctly describing it and categorizing it. For instance, if you are selling Lacoste jeans, your hashtags should be #jeans, #pants, #Lacoste, #denim, #blackjeans, and so forth.

    Additionally, avoid repetitive keywords. If you have already used #shoes on a listing, don't add it again on the same list. You may change it up by being specific: #shoesformen or #shoesforwomen.

  7. Be transparent about any flaws and conditions in the listing.
  8. Nothing turns a client away more than deception or deceit. They are expecting to receive the products they bought based on the details specified. This is why it is important to be upfront in your descriptions about the condition of the item.

    Be sure to indicate if there are signs of wear, a minor scratch, or slight damage. When you are honest, it gives you more credibility, and more Depop users would know and trust you for this.

  9. Add measurements, as sizes can vary between brands.
  10. It is a known fact that sizes vary between brands in different countries, even in the US and UK. A size indicating S for small, M for Medium, L for Large, and XL for Extra Large does not necessarily mean it would fit individuals based on their built. This may be attributed to the reason that different clothing companies use different models and model shots. Finding clothes that would give one a perfect fit is a challenge.

    In your postings, including measurements of the clothes would definitely be an advantage. Buyers would discern right away if the item they are eyeing would fit well and look good on them. Additionally, this trims down their search for the perfect clothing for them.

    These will both benefit the buyer and you as a seller, as you will no longer waste time answering repetitive queries about the sizes.

  11. Take good photos.
  12. The buyers' first impression of your offerings is the deal or break of a possible sale. It is important, therefore, to put extra effort into taking photos of your products.

    Take a look at fashion photos posted on Instagram and Pinterest, especially by Gen Z. These two apps and platforms are known for having attractive and professional-looking images.

    Having natural light is one of the keys to taking great pictures. Make it a point to take your photos near windows or glass doors. If, however, this is not possible, invest in a lighting kit. You might also consider shooting outdoors as there is plenty of natural light.

    For items that are not clothes, it is best to do flat lays. You can do these by placing the products against a plain background like a floor or by the wall. When there is minimal noise behind, buyers are more focused on the quality and beauty of your item.

  13. Depop listing allows sellers to upload up to four (4) photos of your item. Doing so allows the buyer to have a clearer view of your products and have a better idea of their purchases.
  14. Taking different kinds of photos also assists in advertising your products well. Keep in mind that the first photo is the most important as this is the first one that buyers will set their eyes on. It is also best to have close-ups showing the tags or any flaw in the product.

    For example, if your items are t-shirts, you can have someone you know model them for you. Take front and back shots, close-ups of the material or other details, and lastly, angles you want to emphasize.

    Above all, take note that you don't need professional photography equipment to do all these. Your IOS/iPhone or Android phone can suffice.

  15. Respond to Questions Quickly.
  16. Apart from taking and uploading good images, you must include all pertinent details of your products. However, there will still be instances where prospective buyers will still message you for inquiries. It is important you are able to respond to them right away, or at least in a reasonable time frame. In this way, the possibility of having a sale is high because the buyer may be in a buying decision moment at the time of the inquiry.

    Moreover, you can settle a dispute right away or any other question about fees, shipping costs, and sold items.

  17. Constantly post new items.
  18. As a seller, it will be to your advantage if you post new items for sale on a daily basis and, in turn, expanding your inventory. This way, your followers will see your feed every day. Prospective clients flock to your listings, but they can see your previous listings, which have a big chance of having Depop sales.

    Most often, sellers have many items to list. It is to your advantage to post limited items daily, rather than posting several items that may get lost in your feed, thus losing their chance of being seen and purchased.

As always, quality is better than quantity when it comes to catching people's eyes!

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