The Best Depop Bots of 2021: The Ultimate Guide
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One of the greatest things technology has made possible is the rise of online selling. Not only does it allow you to reach more potential buyers, but it also makes decluttering convert into money. Nowadays, if you want to give your house or your closet a revamp, you don't need to get rid of them by throwing them away. Instead, online marketplaces are there to be your best friend. One of the most in-demand goods in online selling nowadays is your closet items. Especially fashion pieces. Regardless of whether it's brand new or used, you can generate income by selling them. Many people who are selling online are doing it as their side hustle and sometimes as a full-time job. Thanks to many online marketplaces, buying and selling almost anything is just a few clicks away.

While there are many platforms out there, let's look into one particular marketplace - Depop. This platform was founded in 2011 and has generated over 26 million users as of April 2021. Depop is a popular second-hand fashion marketplace app that has a global community of buyers and sellers. It caters to any fashion pieces such as designer, vintage, preloved, streetwear, or any fashion category that suits your style. Sellers can set up their Depop shop and easily list fashion pieces up for sale on this marketplace.

One of their advocacies is preserving the environment and reducing fashion waste, which is one of the world's problems. Hence, they encourage a sustainable fashion system wherein people get to pass their existing pieces and make money out of them, benefiting not only the buyer and the seller but also the environment. This platform is said to be popular amongst the Gen-Z population.

Depop is a social platform. It is actually best described as a little bit eBay and a little bit Instagram, as it encourages social interactions amongst its users. Buyers are able to follow sellers, like the listings thata suit their preference, and it also shows some suggested items. Depop sellers are reaching more audiences with these features and generating more sales, hence encouraging them to list more and more items. However, it is understandable that not everyone has tons of time to manage their Depop listings manually. So, to make their lives easier without jeopardizing the performance of their business, many sellers are using software tools like Depop bots. This way, they only have to spend less time in front of their device without worrying about their Depop shop.

What is a Depop Bot

Depop bots are best described as your smart Depop assistant. With this software, you don't need to manually manage your Depop listings and do repetitive tasks on your own. There are different forms of bots out there. Each of them offers features such as refreshing listings, auto-following, auto unfollowing, liking products, bulk messaging, and other repetitive tasks that can help you grow your Depop shop.

Depop bots are intelligently made so that they are able to detect and abide by the platform's restrictions. This way, Depop sellers who use these software tools can be productive while ensuring that it doesn't spam and cause damage to the platform and keep their Depop shop safe without violating any rules and Depop's terms of service.

Why do people use a Depop Bot?

Online selling can sound simple, but the reality is it requires a lot of effort to be able to succeed in this venture. Aside from that, managing listings and boosting your presence is not just a simple process of hitting a button but tedious and time-consuming. In fact, those who are experienced in selling in online marketplaces have long been using bots to help them in many things. Here are some reasons why people use Depop bots:

  • It saves time

    Old and new sellers alike know that manually doing tasks in marketplaces like Depop can take a lot of time and can eat up your whole day, leaving you unable to tend to other important things in your business and your life. With these time-effective bots, sellers can dodge the long hours of sitting in front of their devices, managing each and every listing manually. Depop bots work faster and can be productive in just a short time as they do tasks automatically.

  • It increases listing exposure

    Because Depop is a social platform, it has features that help its sellers reach more potential buyers and make your listings appear in user searches. Depop bots are created to do auto-follow, refresh, and liking products that increase the appearance of your items in other people's feeds. With the goal of reaching more and more potential buyers, performing these tasks can give you a higher chance of coming across the right buyer for your item.

  • It can help make more sales

    As the saying goes, time is money. Hence, with the time that sellers are able to save and with the number of tasks that bots can accomplish, a potential increase in sales is at play. Many sellers have vouched for bots' effectiveness in making more sales and helping their business grow.

  • It helps increase engagement

    Depop bots are not limited to doing follow, unfollow, like, refresh, and rearrange listings. They are also able to send mass messages to potential buyers. With these abilities, your Depop shop engagement increases, which can help you gain more followers and ultimately gives you higher chances of selling your listings.

  • It grows the account

    Depop bots help in increasing your followers faster. Because it is a social platform, many Depop users return the favor and follow you back when you follow them. Having more followers not only grows your Depop account by the number of people who can see your listings, but it also grows your sales for your business.

  • Bots are efficient

    Depop bots are very useful to many sellers as they are clearly more efficient than us humans. Because they work by directly interacting with the Depop server, it basically automates all the things that you as a seller can do manually, which can really benefit you by growing your business.

What to look for in a Depop Bot?

There are many different Depop bots out there that you can use to help you manage your Depop shop. However, it is important to take note that not all of them are equally made. Aside from looking for a bot that can minimize the risk and doesn’t abuse the platform, here are the other things that you should look for in a Depop bot:


While some bots offer single-function features, some bots can do automation on all of Depop’s tasks that you can do daily. Depending on your preference, you should opt for bots that can:

  • Refresh listings
  • Follow
  • Unfollow
  • Send mass messages
  • Like items
  • Unlike items
  • Re-list items
  • Calculate fees and more!
Software Requirements

Depop bots have different software requirements that you need to have before you can use them. There are two kinds of bots that you can find the market:

  • Chrome Extension Depop Bots: These kinds of bots are add-ons or extensions that you include in your Chrome browsers and are highly favored due to the convenience that it offers. You can easily access it whenever you are on your Depop account as they do not require your password to use them, plus you can multitask while it’s running in the background. The main disadvantage of Chrome extensions is that they need you to use Chrome as your only browser (make sure it is always updated), and they are not compatible with other browsers like safari.
  • Desktop Application Depop Bots: This kind of Depop bot was the most common type used by many sellers. It is a stand-alone application that you download on your computer with its own platform to manage your Depop shop. This requires your Depop password in order to work and be able to with the Depop API. One disadvantage of these kinds of bots is that because they are downloaded directly to your computer, you are at risk of getting malware or viruses, so you will have to make sure that it will come from a trusted source and that you have anti-malware/viruses that are running and up to date.

Pricing can be a big factor that contributes to sellers’ decision whether they would like to try software. While not all Depop sellers are willing to spend their money paying for bots, many sellers consider the use of bots as an investment due to their abilities that can make selling faster and easier. Most Depop bots are as affordable as $12 and compared to hiring a virtual assistant; bots are definitely worth every buck.

Customer Support

Each Depop bot has different ways and platforms where you can get help and ask questions about your subscription. Having good customer support is one of the most important factors when you are looking to use a bot. This way, you can have all the help that you need, and you don’t have to worry about your Depop account running into some problems.

The Bots

Here are some of the most popular Depop bots of 2021. Let’s evaluate each factor and learn if they are the bots that you need to grow your Depop store.

AutoDpop (SellerAider)

SellerAider aims to provide online sellers on platforms like Depop the tools to save time and make more money hence the creation of its automation software, AutoDpop.

  • Unlimited Refresh Listings- This automatically refreshes your listings in one click. BY refreshing your listings, it will get your Depop listings back to the top of Depop's search.
  • Follow Buyers - This feature allows you to follow users’ followers and those that they are following including those who liked your products.
  • Relist & Delete Item-This feature allows you to automatically delete and relist items to get your listing back to the top of the search.
  • Export/Download Listings - This will allow you to save your listings to a csv file!
  • Bulk Edit Listings - This feature allows you to edit multiple Depop listings at once.
  • Message Buyers - This feature lets you message people individually or in bulk to your followers, buyers and to those who liked your listings.
  • Message latest Likers - This feature allows you to message every user that liked your items within a specific time period.
  • Custom Message Variables/Templates- This lets you input any customized message and the bot will automatically fill in the data (e.g username, product link, price etc.)
  • User Interface Mode- This feature operates by imitating human-like actions like by clicking buttons on the page.
  • Customize Refresh Behaviour - This allows you to automatically refresh your items and set intervals.
  • Automatic Message Spam Protection (Avoid consecutive similar messages)- With strict message spam protection, AutoDpop helps keep your account in good standing on Depop and prevents your account from getting flagged.
  • Human Mode & Custom Task Speed - AutoDpop runs in a human mode which imitates human-like delays between each task. This can be customized or you can opt for the recommended defaults.
  • Depop Fee Calculator - This will help you quickly calculate how much profit you will make including all the fees (Depop, Paypal, etc).
  • Automatic/Scheduled Refresh- This feature lets you set or choose to edit the listing price or leave it as is.
  • Like/ Unlike Products - This feature automatically likes all posts on a user's store on Depop or unlike all posts you have ever liked.
  • Like Products from Search Page- This automatically Likes products directly from the search page which helps increase the engagement on your profile.
  • Rearrange Listings -This feature lets you rearrange your shop by restoring your listing layouts.
  • Auto-unfollow when the limit is reached - This feature automatically unfollows users when the limit of 7501 is reached. This helps you do individual or mass unfollowing.
  • Whitelist users - This will protect some users from being unfollowed.
  • Follow Blacklist - This feature gives you an option to blacklist people so you can avoid following them after you unfollow.
  • Access to Seller Community (Containing several verified Depop sellers!)- Lets you interact with its users and share insights and strategies.
Software Requirements:SellerAider is a Chrome extension that requires you to have your own computer and an updated Chrome browser.Pricing:

SellerAider offers a 7-day free trial for new users. As of writing, they have two tiers of subscriptions which are $12 Monthly Standard and $130 Yearly Standard. Both tiers share the same features which include:

  • Unlimited Refresh Listing
  • Follow Buyers
  • Relist & Delete Item
  • Export/Download Listings
  • Bulk Edit Listings
  • Message Latest Likers
  • Mobile Usage (Coming Soon)
  • Message Buyers
  • Custom Message Variables/Templates
  • User Interface Mode
  • Mass Unlike
  • Customize Refresh Behaviour
  • Refresh Downtime
  • Varied Refresh Intervals
  • Automatic Message Spam Protection (Avoid consecutive similar messages)
  • Follow Reviewers
  • Follow Users
  • Human Mode & Random Delays
  • Bulk Message Followers
  • Bulk Message Product Likers
  • Depop Fee Calculator
  • Unfollow Users
  • Follow Product Likers
  • Like Products
  • Like Products from Search Page
  • Rearrange Listings
  • Mass Unfollow
  • Auto-unfollow when the limit is reached
  • Whitelist users
  • Follow Blacklist
  • Access to Seller Community (Containing several verified Depop sellers!)
  • Seller Bio Link
Customer support:

SellerAider uses multiple channels as their customer support. You can reach them on Discord if you encounter any problem or if you have any questions about your SellerAider bot. They also have social media accounts where you can interact with other SellerAider users.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube


Sales Bot supports Depop and Vinted platforms with a headquarters in London, UK. They offer free single-function and multi-function features.


Refresh listings/ Bump listings - This feature lets you automatically refresh all of your Depop listings and will make them appear as if they are newly posted.

  • Auto-follow- This feature lets you follow thousands of users on your Depop store with a single click.
  • Unfollow - This will automatically unfollow everyone you have followed with a single click when you reach the Depop follower limit. This lets you continue following and gaining more followers.
  • Like products - This feature can automatically like other user's listings to increase engagement in your Depop store.
  • Bulk messaging - This feature lets you send mass messages to Depop users and use their advanced templating feature making your messages unique and customized.
  • Depop status page- This offers insights about the most up-to-date status of Depop app services.
  • Depop fees calculator- This feature lets you calculate fees on Depop and Paypal.
Software Requirements:

Sales Bot is a Chrome extension add-on that requires you to have an updated Chrome browser.


Sales Bot currently offers a 7-day free trial. At the moment, Sales Bot only accepts payment in Pounds Sterling (£GBP).

Monthly: £75 (Supported platforms: Depop and Vinted)


  • All features
  • Unlimited Refresh
  • Unlimited followers
  • Unlimited messages
  • Unlimited likes

Annually: £58.25/ month (Supported platforms: Depop, Vinted, and Etsy)


  • Everything in monthly
  • Save over 20%
  • Access to early features
Customer support:

Sales Bot only offers customer support via email. You can send your concerns to or reach them here.


This Depop Sales Bot helps you get more followers and likes, spend less time and make more money on Depop. It is a combination of a series of Depop Bot that works like a human making random delays between every action.

  • Depop Refresh Bot - This bot lets you refresh your listings to make them appear at the top of user searches by updating the listing time of your items to the current time. You can schedule the refresh time or set a fixed refresh order.
  • Depop Message Bot - This bot enables you to send mass messages to your followers and likers.
  • Depop Follow Bot - This bot automatically follows followers of the store. the following list of the store, buyers who left a review in the store, and your product likers. It also enables you to skip a number of people when mass following to avoid going beyond Depop’s follow limit.
  • Depop Unfollow Bot- This bot lets you have more seats to follow other users when you reach the following limit.
  • Depop Like Bot - This bot lets you mass like and batch like all items in other users’ stores or mass like the search results.
  • Depop Unlike Bot - This bot helps you automatically unlike all the products and make your store clean again to get rid of the products which may be outdated or not your style anymore.
Software Requirements:

Debob is a Chrome extension add-on that requires you to have an updated Chrome browser.


Debob currently offers a 7-day free trial with monthly and yearly subscription plans. They also offer a 50% discount for your second account subscription.

Monthly: $19.99/ month


  • Scheduled Refreshing
  • Randomized Refresh Speed
  • Configurable Refresh Speed
  • Set a Fixed Refresh Order
  • Skip Refreshing at Certain Times
  • Auto Refresh Listings
  • Relist / Clone Product
  • Restore Layout
  • Send Mass Messages
  • Auto Follow/Unfollow Users
  • Skip Option for Mass Follow
  • Whitelist Users
  • Mass Like Search Results
  • Auto Like/Unlike Products
  • Follow Reviewers of a Store
  • Global Interval Setting
  • Frequent Updates
  • Standard support

Yearly: $12.49 / month, (Billed $149.99 annually)


  • Scheduled Refreshing
  • Randomized Refresh Speed
  • Configurable Refresh Speed
  • Set a Fixed Refresh Order
  • Skip Refreshing at Certain Times
  • Auto Refresh Listings
  • Relist / Clone Product
  • Restore Layout
  • Send Mass Messages
  • Auto Follow/Unfollow Users
  • Skip Option for Mass Follow
  • Whitelist Users
  • Mass Like Search Results
  • Auto Like/Unlike Products
  • Follow Reviewers of a Store
  • Global Interval Setting
  • Priority support
Customer support

Debob offers support via email. You can send your concerns to

Poppy Depop Bot

Poppy Depop Bot is one of Closet Mojo’s products along with Poshmark tools. This Depop bot can help you increase your closet reach by 2x by doing Depop tasks automatically and in a strategic way.

  • Auto Liker - This feature allows you to automate liking all the photos of a user to increase your engagement.
  • Anti-spam Protection - This feature is built-in anti-spam protection that ensures a human-like activity in Depop. This bot takes a break every now and then.
  • Message to Likers - This feature lets you send messages to all likers of your items with the best deals that can help boost your sales.
  • Auto Follow - This feature lets you follow all the users of your choice and follow back all the likers of your items.
Software Requirements

Poppy is a Chrome extension add-on that requires you to have an updated Chrome browser.


Poppy Depop bot offers a 3-day trial period. As of writing, they only have one subscription plan which is $25.00 per month. This includes features such as:

  • Auto Like Store
  • Auto Like #Hashtags
  • Auto-follow buyers
  • Auto Unfollow
  • Message to Likers
  • Takes breaks to behave like human
  • Adjust Break Time
  • Guaranteed updates & support
Customer support

ClosetMojo offers four support channels for Poppy Depop Bot where subscribers can reach out to them. They offer live chat support, support request form, Instagram, and email support(


Bump is a Depop bot that aims to help sellers grow their Depoop sales on autopilot. This bot is the only Depop bot that offers a free forever plan.

  • Refresh inventory - This feature lets you refresh the listings in your store so they can appear at the top of the news feed of your followers and search results.
  • Like listings - This feature helps you like other Depop users’ listings which can increase your engagement.
  • Follow and unfollow - This feature lets you automatically follow people and unfollow Depop users.
  • Send Message - This feature lets you reach out to other Depop users and helps you increase potential sales.
Software Requirements:

Bump is a Chrome extension add-on that requires you to have an updated Chrome browser.


Bump offers a Free Forever plan and a 30-day free trial under their Unlimited Pro plan aside from another paid plan which is the Virtual Assistant Plan.

Free Forever Plan


  • 50 refreshes per day
  • Looping / continuous refreshing
  • Custom refresh delay rate
  • Standard customer support
  • Unlimited Pro: $14.99/month
  • Features:
  • Unlimited refreshes / re-listing
  • Unlimited following
  • Unlimited product liking
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Looping / continuous refreshing
  • Pro Customer Support

Virtual Assistant: $79/month


  • Full-service refreshing/following
  • 100% hands-off account growth
  • Optimized to grow your specific account
  • Dedicated IP address
  • VIP customer support
  • Everything from Unlimited Pro plan
Customer Support:

Bump only has email support where you can send your concerns. You can send it to

Are bots allowed on Depop?

One of the primary concerns of many sellers is if they are allowed to use bots in running their Depop account. To be clear, the use of bots is not specifically mentioned in Depop’s Terms of Service. However, spamming is! So are bots okay to use? The answer is yes and no. Yes, if you use it moderately, and definitely no if you plan to abuse it.

The key to using Depop bots is using them moderately and responsibly. Depop bots are created to mimic human-like behavior so that Depop’s system won’t flag you as sending spam.

With all these Depop bots, there is no doubt that they can help you accelerate the growth of your Depop store not only in terms of engagement but also in sales. However, because they all vary in pricing and other features, it is important that you assess which one you think is the bot that can address your needs as a seller and the needs of your Depop account.

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