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"Save time in creating a new listing from your existing Poshmark listings and boost your sales. Learn here how to you can utilize the Poshmark Copy feature!"

The technology that we are enjoying in our present time has undeniably opened plenty of opportunities for everyone. Some people have found a career in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Some have learned how to use their artistic side by creating content on Youtube, and others have made their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur come true by opening their online stores. If you notice, even big companies nowadays are using the internet to reach their market regardless of their industry, making it one of the most powerful tools in the world.

These opportunities have helped many people generate incomes, and one of the most enjoyable and profitable ventures would be selling online. Not only can you list things from your closet, but you can also resell other stuff that you think is profitable and has potential buyers. This is why, Poshmark, similar to many other online selling platforms like Mercari, Depop, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay, has millions of listings from tons of different sellers, which can make the competition a bit tough. But amidst the challenges, many sellers still gather in these marketplaces to generate extra income, wherein some people have successfully turned into full-time sellers.

Because there are many sellers and listings available on Poshmark, most of the time, your listings get buried from much newer and fresher items that appear on top of the feed. Thus, a seller like you needs to know the tools, features, and strategies you can use to boost your appearance on Poshmark, such as doing self-shares, community shares, joining posh parties, and using SEO methods that are in turn, can increase your sales. Remember, being on top of your followers' feed or potential buyers' feed makes a huge difference in growing your Poshmark business. This blog will help you learn how you can take advantage of Poshmark's Copy feature.

The Poshmark Copy Feature

The Poshmark Copy feature, also known as the Copy-listing feature, is a powerful way to relist your items. Whether it is a sold listing that you have a new inventory for or an old listing that's been sitting at the bottom of your closet for quite some time, you can utilize this tool to save time in creating a new listing.

This copy listing tool will definitely help elevate your Poshmark game and make your stale items visible again in the feed of your likers, followers, and potential buyers. It is a convenient way of relisting your listings which helps you get on the good side of the Poshmark algorithm.

Here's how to do it:

If you are using the app:

  1. Select a listing.
  2. Tap on Edit.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Copy Listing.
  4. Tap the Yes button.

If you are on the website:

  1. Select a listing.
  2. Select Edit Listing.
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and select Copy Listing.
  4. Click on the Yes button.

You can also do the following steps above when you want to copy sold listings. Once you have completed the steps, all listing details and photos will be copied over to a new listing, ready to be added to your closet.

Benefits of Copy Feature

Aside from the number of active Poshmark sellers, and the timing of listing or relisting your items matters.

Saves time: By using the copy feature, you won't have to manually copy all the details in your listing anymore. It gives you the advantage of making a brand new listing without copying each word or uploading each item photo which can take plenty of hours of your day, especially if you have many listings to copy.

It gives you a chance to edit: When you copy your old or sold listing, it gives you the chance to go over your details again and see if they need a revamp. Check your photos, titles, and descriptions if there is lacking information or if you would like to change the photos with higher-quality ones.

Makes your listing fresh: The Poshmark algorithm favors those who are newly listed items. Like social media platforms where you can see the recent updates in your newsfeed, the copy feature on Poshmark will make your listing appear as a newly listed item. Hence your followers and other Poshmark users can see them in their feed or when they search for a specific item.

Makes your listings visible again: Aside from your listing becoming a recently or freshly published item, your newly copied listing won't sit at the bottom of your closet anymore. When users filter their search, it brings up your item on top of your closet and the 'Just in' category.

Boosts your sales: More eyeballs on your listings mean more sales. Copying your old listing and making it into a newly uploaded listing not only boosts its visibility but also attracts more users that can give your listing a chance to come across the right buyer.

Can earn you new likers and followers: The copy listing feature can help you get more likers if new users find your item interesting. This can also make them check out your closet and follow you hence growing your followers.

What To Check When Using the Copy Feature

Take note that before you publish your new listing, it is always a good practice to check the following details so you can add new information that you want to add to your 'new' listing before they are posted again in your closet.

Photos: If you feel like the old photos of this particular single item need to be replaced or edited, this is your chance to change it. Remember that having attractive covershots and item photos is an essential part of online selling. Having poor-quality photos in your listings can sometimes be the reason why some of your items are left unsold and sitting at the bottom of your closet.

Title: The newly copied listing will have the word 'COPY' on its title. Be sure to remove that word. Also, this is your chance to check if your title is SEO-friendly. Make sure to put additional keywords in your title to boost its appearance in searches.

Descriptions: If you want to add more attractive descriptors in your listing description, you may do so before relisting the item. Details such as measurements, size, color, and material used might be lacking in this listing because no one likes to buy it. Don't forget to utilize fitting keywords and hashtags to help your listing become more searchable to your potential buyers and eventually help them with their purchase decision.

Price: If you feel like your item is priced higher or lower than your other competitors, editing the price can be done when you copy your listing. This way, you have the chance to reach other buyers who are willing to spend the right amount that you listed your item for.

This new listing you have copied will immediately appear on top of your entire closet, which means appearing as a fresh listing in your followers and 'Just In' feed. Don't forget to delist the old listing so problems like having a duplicate listing (which Poshmark doesn't like) can be avoided.

Just In vs. Just Shared

Relisting and sharing your listings are two essential features that help you reach your potential buyers. However, although they have overlapping effects on your listing's visibility, they differ in how they work.

Just In: Relisting can make you reach a more targeted audience. When you use the copy feature, your listing goes to the top of the search under "just in." Aside from the platform recognizing your listing as a newly listed item (which the Poshmark algorithm favors), your listing appears higher in the results when a buyer searches for a specific brand and filters their search into 'Just In.' This is more likely to happen as many buyers search for what's new and not what's shared.

Just shared: Newly shared items appear on top of your followers' feed. Yes, more on your followers' feed only and a smaller chance on other users' feed. Sharing gives you a chance of appearing in your followers' timeline, but there might be not many followers active when you share your listing, or they might not scroll through their feed at all. Hence, there is a chance that your listing might get pushed down the feed when your followers are back online. In addition to this, although 'Just Shared' is a default view when you search for a brand, most users are not interested to see what items are just newly shared as they have most likely seen them before.

OneShop at your service!

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Using this Poshmark bot is more efficient than getting your virtual assistant as it offers software that is intelligently designed to perform tasks in your Poshmark closet. It can help you boost your listings' visibility by performing self-shares and community shares which can help your listing appear on top of your potential buyers' feed.

In addition to this, OneShop also does the following, unfollowing, relisting, delisting (once you sold an item, we delist them automatically- everywhere!), and many more features without compromising the safety of your Poshmark account. You don't have to worry about risking getting in Poshmark's activity jail as our software works by emulating a human-like manner so Poshmark won't flag the activities in your closet.

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