A Guide to Organizing Your Poshmark Closet
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A closet is a place where we can all be organized and tidy. But for us who sells on Poshmark, going through our storage and sorting all clothing into the piles can be a bit overwhelming. It can be time-consuming to clean out your pantry and decide which items to sell on your Poshmark account from new and used clothing, jeans, handbags, and jewelry can be a time-consuming and challenging task. But it's worth the effort, as many Poshers like browsing to clean and freshly curated closets. Plus, cleaning out your drawers can give you extra space for your new purchases.

Remember that most Poshers are attracted to an aesthetically pleasing closet, which results in more views, shares, and sales for your Poshmark business. In this article, we will discuss different ways how sellers can organize their closets, including the pros and cons of it.

Why is Poshmark Closet Organization Matter

Imagine walking into a store with disorganized, full-of-clutters and messy items lying all over the floor. The first thing you would do is exit that store and find another organized place offering the same item in an orderly manner.

The same thing goes for your Poshmark business. Your buyers would like to see clean-looking items neatly organized in a hanger with a clutter-free background. Since more and more buyers are now into online browsing and shopping, it pays to make an effort to organize these things for your potential buyers.

However, remember that organizing your closet does not guarantee you a sale. For some, organizing their closet is helpful for their business, and for others, it does not matter. These things can also be due to different factors. For Poshmark, aesthetically pleasing feed matters to get more likes and shares, and for other marketplaces such as Depop and Mercari, low prices matter the most. So to further evaluate if organizing your closet matter for your business, we have compiled the pros and cons along with some of the best tips and tricks on how Posh sellers can organize their closet.

Pros of Organizing Your Closet

1. Aesthetically Pleasing

If you are an Instagram user, you know how important keeping your Instagram feed aesthetically pleasing to gain more likes, followers, and shares. The same metrics also matter to Poshmark. Having your Posh closet well-organized captures the limited attention span of Poshers, making them click your account and browse for some more.

You can stick with a theme depending on what you are selling on the platform, but many Poshers appreciate the transition of colors, designs, and seasonality. In this way, it is easier for shoppers to pick which one they like and whether the item fits them or their preferences.

2. Make a Good Impression

The "First Impression lasts" saying is true, especially on Poshmark. If you are a new Poshmark seller starting on this popular buy and sell app of new and used clothes, one of your goals should be making a good impression on your closet.

The good thing is, you can have total control over how you want to showcase your items on this app. Organizing your closet is the key if you aim for a particular item to be seen by more Poshers and get more shares. This includes taking a good photo of each item, together with relevant listing title and product description, tags (NWT, Boutique, Etc.), and discount or bundle prices. Remember that you can edit your Poshmark cover photos using photo editing apps such as Photoshop or Canva. Still, it should only enhance the photo and not obscure the actual color and condition of the item.

3. Highlights Your Best-Selling Items

The Bottom to Up method lets you decide which item goes on the top of your closet and which items remain at the bottom. Using the Bottom to Up Method lets you highlight your best-selling items so they will be seen by your buyers first.

If you are still unfamiliar with how the listing works on Poshmark, always keep in mind that all the things you recently listed, re-list, or share automatically go on top. Those items you listed first and did not share will stay at the bottom. One of the pros of having an organized closet is it lets you choose which items are on-trend and goes on top to get more views and shares. Additionally, having an organized closet using the Bottom to Up method also gives you the advantage of bumping in-demand items on your closet and letting un-seasonal items on the bottom. This method works best if you are catering to many markets and categories.

Cons of Organizing Your Closet

1. Time-Consuming Task

Let's face it. Not everyone has the time and skills to style and organize their closet, especially those who have other full-time jobs or make Poshmark just their side-hustle job. This results in disorganized, cluttered, and messy items in their closet. Manually organizing your closet is tiring and can take a lot of your time, especially if you have hundreds of items in your wardrobe. Plus, many sellers with disorganized closets find it hard to find potential buyers, get shares from other Poshers, or even make a sale.

2. Scattered Inventory

Having an unorganized closet also means that your items will be all over. This is not a big deal for sellers with a handful of things in their inventory, but for others with hundreds or even thousands of listings, this can cause confusion and loss of sales. Imagine having a closet full of winter clothes on top when summertime. Potential shoppers might stop scrolling your feed, and fellow Poshers will not also share your listings.

Another dilemma that sellers with unorganized closets face is that it is hard to track items and orders, especially if you have multiple listings on other reselling platforms. This can cause you after-sales service and unnecessary problems in the future.

No Sales Guaranteed While having an organized closet is appealing to the eye, it does not give you guaranteed sales. Most Posh sellers think that having a well-curated Posh closet assures you of closing a deal fast. In most cases, this is not true.

Having an organized closet makes it easier to track your items, create strategies, and improve slow-moving items. Aside from organizing your closet, other factors still need to be addressed, such as taking quality photos, writing detailed product descriptions, listing titles, reasonable pricing, and an excellent offer to make a sale.

5 Tips on How to Organize Your Closet

Now that you've learned the Pros and Cons of having an organized Poshmark closet, here are a few tips and tricks on how to manage your closet and make the most out of it:

Organizing By Brand

Poshmark is popular because many high-end brands can be bought here at a low price but are still in pristine condition. If you are selling luxury items or items from a specific brand, organizing your closet by brand may work best for your shop. Many Poshers are familiar with the brand name and not the item name. So there is a higher chance that they will search for the brand name first. Having your closet organized by the brand name makes it easier for potential buyers to see and get more "shares" from Poshers sharing the same style and preferences.

Organizing By Color

Like on Instagram, it is pleasing to the eyes and makes it easier for Poshers to see which item or accessories match each other if you arrange your listing in a color-coded scheme that will highlight the item more. The color transition is vital if you have plenty of different colors to showcase. Having your closet organized by colors makes it easier for potential buyers to see which items match their previously-owned clothing or accessories.

Organizing By Season

We all know how each season affects our clothing choices and styles. No one would like to wear sleeveless crop tops or shorts during the winter season. The same goes during Winter, where you can see everyone wrapped around with jackets, scarves, gloves, and other winter outfits. Having your calendar on your side and organizing your closet by season helps make a sale all year round. You can also try the Bottom and Up method when organizing your closet by season. Share seasonal outfits on top and let past-season clothing and accessories remain at the bottom.

Organizing By Category

If you are a seller catering to different categories such as Men, women, kids, or pets, you may want to organize your closets by category. Ideally, arranging a closet in a manner that balances different items you carry is recommended. In this way, Poshers will have a good grasp of what your closet is all about.

Another good strategy in making sure all your markets will get a good impression on your wardrobe is sharing it timely. For example, share your women's items every morning before work, lunchtime, or after working hours. Kids and Pets items are best shared during weekends or holidays where most parents (and fur-parents) are chilling and casually browsing on their home.

Organizing By Price

Many Poshers filter the shop by price. This way makes it easier for them to see items that fit their budget. While organizing your closet by price is tricky and not as impactful as the others on this list, you can still try it and see if it works for your Poshmark business.

Organizing your items by price works best if you have high-priced, limited edition, or designer items on your shelves. This way, more poshers get to see it and have a greater chance of hitting the "share" button, which increases your views and has a higher chance of selling it fast with a reasonable amount of profit.

Organize Your Closet Like a Pro

In this article, we have learned how sellers can organize their closets along with the pros and cons of doing it. While this task can be easy for some, that is not always the case, especially for new poshers who want to sell on this platform.

The good thing is, there is an easy and quick way to organize your Posh closet without the need to go through all these hassles. OneShop is an all-in app that helps sellers quickly organize and automate their sharing for a seamless online business experience. You can promptly draft and create a group listing with our category's feature and automatically share it all.

Visit https://tools.oneshop.com/ to learn more about how you can avail of this exclusive seller feature that helps you elevate your online business in any marketplace such as Poshmark, Depop, Mercari, and more.

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