Beyond Poshmark - 10 Online Marketplaces For Your Pre-loved Clothes and Items
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Beyond e-commerce giants Amazon and eBay, small online businesses have also been thriving. They are more adaptive to online approaches and creative solutions. Poshmark, for instance, is gaining fame as the leading marketplace for fashion.

But if you are looking to try other websites, here are some online shops where you can turn your quality pre-loved clothes into cash. Most of these are available for free download on Android and iOS.

1. Mercari

In 2019, Mercari debuted as a finalist of the "Easiest to Use Marketplace" in the Sellers Choice Awards by eCommerceBytes. Since then, the platform has never dropped out of the top five positions, consecutively appearing in the annual awards.

Mercari continues to deserve this title as it prioritizes simplicity. Whether from the sellers' or buyers' perspective, the entire website and mobile apps entire selling, ordering, and shipping processes are user-friendly. Its clean and modern interface makes it easy to navigate through the 150,000 new listings daily. After all, one can sell or find almost anything on this platform—vintage items, clothes and accessories, toys, electronics, and more.

Note that apart from the 10% commission, Mercari charges an additional transaction fee on every sale. The good thing is all transactions are insured for up to $200.

2. Vinted

If you want to have a different shopping and marketing experience within the fashion community, Vinted is a free mobile application that you can use. You will find here many of the world's best labels, such as Ralph Lauren, Nike, Forever 21, and Pandora, to name a few.

Originating in Europe, Vinted began reaching out to potential clients in the United States in 2013. Beyond e-commerce, they create a sense of community similar to social networking. In turn, more people are attracted to this approach and are encouraged to explore and purchase.

In contrast to Mercari and other destinations, Vinted doesn't deduct any portion from your sales. However, if you intend to update your closet and not necessarily make a sale, there is an option called Smart Swap. Here, you can switch your clothes with another user. In this feature, Vinted charges a small fee to protect your transactions.

3. ThredUp

With more than 25,000 brands, Thredup is an online thrift store with many categories. These include apparel for men and women (including maternity sizes) and kid's clothes.

If you have style pieces you want to sell but barely have the time to post and ship them yourself, they send you a bag to fill in with your pre-loved items and send it back to them. They determine the total amount you have to pay for these. Often, they pay you right away for pieces that are still in season. However, you are only paid for outmoded ones once the sale is made.

For unsold items, ThreadUp has the option to give these away on your behalf. Its Donation Program involves a $5 donation to a charity of your choice. The higher the quality of the items are, the better they are for their recipients.

However, note that the platform doesn't give many earnings for your sales, particularly on individual items. Your cut can be as low as 5%. For example, $15 worth of items gives the seller 5%, while items costing about $300 make you 80%. The commission range varies depending on that scale.

4. The RealReal

With a decade-long experience in the online marketplace, The RealReal grew rapidly, establishing itself as an authentic online luxury consignment. It is very popular with influencers that it can be seen across YouTube and Instagram.

The RealReal is dedicated to reselling luxury pieces such as homewares, fine gems, jewelry, and fine art. Each item on the platform is authenticated by its team of horologists, gemologists, art curators, and luxury fashion experts.

Currently, they have an extensive selection of designers like Gucci, Cartier, and Kate Spade. The closer an item is to its pristine condition, the greater the resale value is. For every sale, the seller keeps 85%. This is a high rate, especially if you are marketing costly items.

Another great feature of the platform is that one can purchase now and pay later. This is helpful when a buyer desires to own an item immediately before others can take it.

5. Depop

With 30 million registered users, Depop is, at the moment, the largest online shopping platform around the world where one can purchase and sell clothes and other items.

There is no listing fee, so you can easily post your offerings. However, they charge 10% on sales. When a buyer demands a full refund, Depop automatically returns their fee as well.

Modes of Payment (MOP) are either through credit card or via Paypal, connected to your Depop account. Paypal guarantees 100% protection of all complete transactions.

6. Tradesy

For those looking to sell luxury items, this is another go-to destination. Tradesy prioritizes supporting sellers. First, they retouch the images of your items to make them more appealing. They understand that not everyone is an expert at taking and editing photos.

Second, they suggest the selling prices of your items based on their research from the market.

Third, they allow you to easily post an item while providing attractive packaging and free prepaid shipping options. This increases the chances of repeat business, given the thought and care that comes into the buyers' orders.

While there is much support from them, note there is a $7.00 commission fee for clothes sold under $50. For items sold above $50, they are subject to a 19.8% commission fee.

7. eBay

Being one of the first e-commerce marketplaces and a leader, eBay was founded in 1995. Similar to Poshmark, it has millions of users across the globe, with approximately 185 million active buyers and 19 million sellers. eBay is also accessible via Android or iOS app and web.

Sellers and buyers can find a wide selection of preloved and brand new things on this platform, such as clothing, shoes, accessories, electronics, collectibles, home and garden, toys and hobbies, books, etc. But compared with Poshmark, sellers can list a wider variety of things on eBay. So, if you have items that belong to collectibles and art, sporting goods, health and beauty, and pieces of jewelry that you may not list on Poshmark, listing on eBay instead might be for you.

As for the commission fee, eBay calculates them depending on the category of your listing. They charge two main fees: the insertion fee and the final value fee. You may check eBay's selling fees here to know how much the platform takes on each category.

8. Grailed

Grailed is a marketplace dedicated to menswear, and many resellers with higher-end fashion lines list on this platform.

Officially launched to the market in 2014, Grailed provides a common ground for men who share a similar love for fashion. The platform provides easy access to unique fashion pieces while having an interactive community. This way, instead of going to other popular marketplaces, buyers can directly browse on the app where they can find men's apparel housed exclusively on one app.

Grailed has approximately more than 7 million users, with more than 3 million products listed that fall under the categories of footwear, outerwear, tailoring, tops, bottoms, and accessories.

Sellers on this platform are charged with a 9% commission fee taken out of any sold item.

9. Facebook Marketplace

Known widely as a social media platform, Facebook launched its Marketplace in 2016 to give way to its users to shop locally. And because of its convenience and accessibility, many sellers ventured into selling on the platform.

As long as one has Facebook, one can scroll through its variety of categories, including clothing and accessories, deals, classifieds, electronics, entertainment, home essentials, hobbies, vehicles, and many other items.

Aside from having the option to ship out your items, the Facebook Marketplace also allows sellers to do meet-ups, made easier by its location filter feature.

The commission fee on this platform is simple. Every seller is charged a selling fee of 5% per shipment, or, if the item is $8.00 or less, a flat rate of $0.40 applies.

10. Kidizen

Kidizen is a marketplace dedicated to parents fond of selling and buying pre-loved clothing pieces and accessories for their children. Launched in 2013, Kidizen was created to tackle a problem most parents have - the uneconomical and expensive flow of kids' stuff that goes in and out of every household.

From its original category focus, Kidizen has ventured into having a category dedicated to moms where listings for women's clothes and accessories fall.

While listing on the platform is free, Kidizen deducts a commission fee of 12% plus a $.50 marketplace fee from the List Price.

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