Poshmark Ban: Keep Your Account Safe and Not Get Banned
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"Selling on Poshmark is fun until you put your account at risk of getting banned. Learn here how you can keep your Posh account away from getting banned permanently."

Over the years, online shopping has become a trend that undeniably provided access to more people to shop conveniently and start a retail business. With many different online marketplaces like eBay and Mercari, selling on Poshmark has opened a new door to success as the platform has millions of users across the United States and Canada. It has become a profitable way to declutter your closet and earn through reselling accessories, apparel, and merchandise.

In the past years, many people had successful stories with their Poshmark venture, which only shows that with the right audience, catchy listings, and items, earning online is within reach. However, it is important to keep in mind that any success is not achieved overnight. As a seller, you have to spend time and effort to have a profitable Poshmark closet.

On Poshmark, poshers help each other boost their closet by doing many shares and follows, making the platform social. Poshmark community guidelines are also in place, making the Poshmark platform maintain a healthy community of Poshmark sellers and buyers. While it is fun earning and curating your closet, let's not forget that any violation on the platform can result in getting temporary or permanent sanctions. In this blog, we have listed the things that you should do to avoid getting banned permanently on one of the biggest online marketplaces right now.

1. Verify your items are real before selling.

One of the most tricky things about selling luxury or branded items is to prove their authenticity. With so many replicas in the market, sellers are not exempted from being fooled. You may think that an item is authentic with how they look, but in reality, they are just a good copy of the original.

Super fakes, as they are called, are becoming a trend nowadays. Aside from the affordable price, counterfeiters pride themselves on using the same materials and techniques, making the item almost identical to genuine ones and can be nearly impossible for experts to detect.

But amidst these kinds of items, you must ensure that what you are selling is 100% legit and not a counterfeit item. Not only is counterfeiting items are against the law, but it is also severe grounds for getting banned on Poshmark if proven that your item is not what you said it is on the description of your listing.

It can be sometimes challenging, but it is your responsibility as a seller to conduct thorough research about a specific item that you are selling to ensure its authenticity. So, how do you verify that your items are real and not just a fake version of the real deal? Here are some tips:

  • Examine the Logo: Most often than not, a brand's logo is the first point of comparison when conducting an authenticity check. While some knock-off products have obvious misspelled brand names, good copiers can copy the exact same logo of a luxury brand. So, you must check other details which can give the item away as a fake. This may include the material used, texture, color, font, and feel of the logo.

  • Compare the hardware: Hardware such as clasps, chains, and buckles are some of the details of a luxury item that is hard to replicate. Be sure to check the hardware for consistency of color, finish, the material used, and quality. Usually, branded items use high-quality metal hardware like brass and gold, and knock-offs use gold or metallic painted plastic hardware.

  • Check the Tags: Most if not all brands have brand tags on the inside of their item. They are often hand-sewn and contain details like the serial number and trademark heat stamp. On every brand stamp, you will find the brand name, a registered trademark, and where it was produced. As for serial numbers, each brand has specifications. For example, a Chanel handbag's serial number can be six, seven, or eight digits, depending on when a bag was produced.

If, after some research, you are still doubtful, you may want to consult a friend or a professional who is an expert about luxury or brand items to make sure whether you are selling an item that is real or not. When listing a luxury or branded item, take pictures of the item properly, including authentication pictures to prove its legitimacy. The goal is to prove your item's authenticity, so providing enough evidence is the key.

Take note that the platform has a Posh Authenticate feature which means all successful transactions of $500 and above are eligible for authentication. Should the item be proven fake and not as described on your listing, Poshmark will give a full refund to the buyer.

2. Do not sell Nail Polish and Perfumes

Along with other items that you cannot sell on Poshmark, nail polish and perfumes are also included in prohibited items. They are considered flammable or highly combustible items under the USPS Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail (Appendix C).

These products are prohibited on international mail, but some considerations are made for domestic mail transportation provided that the sender knows the flashpoint of each item which is the temperature at which a compound gives off sufficient vapor to ignite in air. But although USPS mentioned in their provision that nail polish and perfume could be transported via surface transportation using an appropriate package, the type of shipping label that Poshmark uses does not support the special requirement of these items. Hence it is not allowed to be listed on the platform.

Unfortunately, some sellers get away from Poshmark's algorithm when posting these kinds of items. However, keep in mind that doing so can lead to your listing being taken down or your account getting a Poshmark soft ban. In the worst-case scenario, repeated violation of this may get your account banned permanently!

3. Only post friendly and encouraging comments

Any online platform, may it be social media or marketplace, prohibits offensive and unpleasant use of words towards its users. While there are some lapses on the social media scene, such as on Instagram and Facebook, it is strictly enforced on Poshmark.

Included in the Poshmark Community Guidelines is a reminder for all users that the platform is a friendly community where everyone should feel safe and comfortable. Any disrespectful comments are prohibited, and respectful interactions should always be observed when communicating with other poshers. This is to maintain a healthy and happy environment for everyone to enjoy. Failure to comply with this guideline can get you in trouble, and your account can be reported for violating such a rule.

As a seller, you must stay calm, respectful, and friendly with all the users interacting with you or vice versa. We understand that some users can get disrespectful or irritating when commenting on your listing, especially with a very low ball offer or irrelevant opinions about your listing. But keep in mind that no matter how much you want to hit the comment button with an unpleasant reply to ward off such users, never, ever engage in such activity.

4. Use Vacation Mode when you are away!

Having too many unshipped items can lead to your account getting banned. Aside from disappointing your buyers, it also affects users' perception of the platform, which may cause users not to use Poshmark anymore due to their bad experience because of you.

To avoid having multiple unshipped items, you should put your Poshmark closet on vacation mode if you will be away for some time and if you think you won't be able to fulfill the buyers' orders.

In addition to this, make a good impression on your buyers by shipping your items out the soonest possible. You have five days to ship your buyer's purchased item after receiving the prepaid Priority mail shipping label, but it is best if you can ship the item within two days, which is the standard shipping time frame.

Keeping your buyers satisfied by shipping the items ASAP and avoiding having unshipped items not only helps you make a good impression but also saves your closet from getting banned.

5. Do not engage in Trades in Poshmark

The Poshmark system does not support trades. Keep in mind that Posh Protect aims to keep the buyers and sellers feel secure in fulfilling their transactions inside Poshmark, which is favorable to both parties.

It is stated in the Poshmark guidelines that any transaction paid in full outside the platform or is not exchanged through the Poshmark system will not be covered by the Posh Protect. Hence, trading with others is prohibited on the platform as this activity that is based on an honor system does not guarantee that both parties will ship their agreed items to each other or as described.

In addition to this, taking any sales outside Poshmark is highly discouraged. There will be instances where buyers ask you to take your transaction outside the platform but be firm on transacting inside Poshmark if you want to be safe under Poshmark's protection and not risk your account getting banned.

6. Shipped the wrong item? Contact Poshmark immediately!

We all know that buyers take time to look and decide about what to purchase on the internet. Most of the time, what buyers are buying is something they want in particular, hence their willingness to pay for the goods at the price you have listed. This is why, in online selling, nothing is more terrifying than learning that you have sent the wrong item to the buyer (except for scammers!). This mistake can be a nightmare to some as the repercussions of this can result in having a complaint against you which can greatly affect our reputation on Poshmark, and worse, your closet can be banned.

We all make mistakes, and sometimes, things like this happen, but you don't have to panic. Instead, what you should do is contact Poshmark customer service immediately and tell them what happened. It is always a good practice to be transparent with Poshmark rather than try your luck and cover up with lies and excuses. This will only make you appear like you are scamming buyers and committing theft by sending the wrong item. Let the platform know that you are being truthful and made an honest mistake rather than scamming a potential buyer.

Why choose OneShop?

Poshmark is indeed a great place to sell. Aside from its straightforward business model, it also protects its users, which are composed of both sellers, and buyers, with the guidelines in place. This is why there is no wonder that the Poshmark platform keeps on growing and growing each passing time. Its millions of users continuously make the platform succeed, which helps business owners also become triumphant in their selling venture.

For Poshmark sellers, we are one with you in fulfilling your goal to become one of the top sellers. Having a trusted closet and loyal customers will help you grow your business and reach your goals. This is why practicing the tips that we have mentioned above is helpful so you can avoid getting your Poshmark account banned.

In addition to this, we at OneShop can help you do Poshmark tasks in different forms of automation without risking your closet in getting into the Poshmark share jail and getting banned. Our software intelligently works while mimicking a human-like activity, ensuring that you adhere to the platform's guidelines and with your account's safety in mind.

With OneShop, you can now have more time to do other things that can further grow your business, like checking your inventory and shipping orders, and have extra time for more important things in life, such as your family. You don't need to babysit your closet 24/7 anymore, and you won't have to sit in front of your device for long periods to ensure that your closet is safe while sharing, following, sending discounts, and more!

OneShop is here for you and your business. Aside from automating tasks on Poshmark, we also offer cross-listing to Mercari, wherein you can quickly make drafts, list & cross-list, track profit & loss, and many other features!

We also have a great customer service team that's always ready to help you with anything about your Poshmark closet. If you are looking for software that will help you grow your business and achieve your goal, OneShop is the Poshmark bot for you. We offer a 7-day free trial; no credit card is required! All you have to do is sign up here!

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